This Sunday, we continue our messages about the joy of Christmas.  We began last week with the Fear Nots of Christmas.  This Sunday we will be looking at Mary’s Christmas.

Mary teaches us even though she is young, unmarried and pregnant.  She begins to lift her voice in praise to the Lord. In doing so, she reveals a heart that is in love with the Lord, and also a mind that is saturated with the Old Testament scriptures. Mary teaches us that we can praise the Lord in spite of our circumstances. Mary’s great song of praise has come to be know as the Magnificat. This is the Latin translation of the first few words which Mary speaks after the angel’s announcement that she is going to have the Christ Child. It literally means, “My soul celebrates the Lord.”  This doxology is a hymn of praise unto the Lord. It reminds us today that the birth of Jesus is about far more than gifts, trees, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, and my personal favorite, the Grinch. The Christmas season is about our relationship with the Lord and about learning to celebrate His glory and His goodness. This Sunday we will examine this great anthem of praise as we join Mary in her celebration of Christmas.

Join us for Bible study at 8:45 and Worship at 10:00.  I hope you’ve made your reservation for the 1 Way Student Ministries Christmas Banquet, this Sunday night at 5:30.  All the students will be serving and working to raise funds for their winter retreat.  If you can’t come, they’ll take a donation too!

For our Fellowship Meal, we’ll have pizza and spaghetti.  We ask YOU to bring yourfavorite dish to share.   Thank you for pitching in and helping with the set up of the tables and chairs, the serving of the food or the clean up.  Many hands make light work!   
See you Sunday!
Jesus is Awesome!

Pastor Danny Lovett

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