It’s the first Sunday of 2018.  This Sunday, we’ll ask the question “What will be your greatest accomplishment In 2018″?  When President Bush was asked a similar question about his greatest accomplishment, he might have mentioned his success during World War II  as a Navy pilot. He might have called to mind his eight years as Vice President under Ronald Reagan. He might have mentioned his own Presidency. But when asked the question “what is your greatest accomplishment in life?”, he revealed his heart as well as his priorities when he said, ”My greatest accomplishment is that my  children still come to see me.” Isn’t that true? After all else is said and done, and when all the dust settles in your life, you still have your family to think about. Apparently, Mr. Bush had done right by his children. They responded to his investment in their lives and will remain a legacy even after he is dead and buried.  This Sunday we will be challenged to examine our own lives and consider what our greatest accomplishment should be.

Join us for Bible study at 8:45.   Make studying and knowing God’s Word a priority for this year.  This is a great time to jump in with classes for all ages of children, a women’s class, a men’s class, a couple’s class, and a new discipleship class.

Please remember Clay Brogdon and his mother in prayer as they mourn the loss of his father this week.  Heaven becomes sweeter the more loved ones we have who have gone on ahead of us.  The funeral service will be Saturday.

For our Fellowship Meal, we’ll have barbeque chicken and for the children, chicken nuggets.  We ask YOU to bring your favorite dish to share.   Thank you for pitching in and helping with the set up of the tables and chairs, the serving of the food or the clean up.  Many hands make light work!   
See you Sunday!
Jesus is Awesome!

Pastor Danny Lovett

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